Food Processing Emergency Shutdown System

 A Calgary food processing company specializing in making snacks foods by blending nuts, dried fruits, and other ingredients in each of their eight production lines. Each one of these production lines comprise of multiple machines like bucket elevators, conveyor belts, mixing tubs, oven rotisseries, etc. all running simultaneously with people working alongside of each of these production lines. The problem was the power for each machine came from different sources and there was not a single location to shut the power off in the event of an emergency or production upset condition. With power supplied from multiple locations, you might shut power off to one machine, but not necessarily to the other machines in that production line. The company recognized this safety hazard and called Current Group to rectify this problem.

The Solution

The solution was to install an electrical safety relay system, activated by pushing an emergency
shutdown (ESD) button located for each production line. Each production line had its own ESD button so
you could safely shutdown an individual production line from the others in the event of a process upset
condition. We also installed an overall ESD button located next to the emergency evacuation route that
would shutdown all eight productions in the event of a major emergency like a fire.

Worker pressing emergency button in factory
Emergency Button Food Processing Factory

The Services Provided

The plant manager had an idea how he visioned the system working so we sat down together and
created a design. We selected the best ESD buttons, safety relays and contactors to suit the job. We
designed and fabricated the emergency control cabinet back at our shop so to minimize interruptions for
the production staff. We then installed and tested the system after hours ensuring the new safety
system worked exactly as designed. The plant manager, production worker, and the maintenance person
all felt safe knowing that when they pushed that ESD button, the electrical power to each machine was
shut off.