New Electrical Equipment Service Sizing

Why do I need new electrical equipment service and sizing help?

Understanding the power requirements of the new equipment you are installing determines what electrical service and devices are needed. Proper electrical equipment sizing determines the operating cost. Too large of equipment increases the installation cost. Too small of electrical equipment (i.e., motors) run the risk of overworking, increasing repair and replacement needs and operating costs. Proper electrical equipment sizing services ensure that you maximize your investment dollar while bringing down the overall cost of operation and observing safety requirements.

What does new electrical equipment service sizing involve?

Next, we need to know where in your building or facility that the equipment is installed.  We inspect the area to see if there is an adequate power source at the location to connect the equipment to.

If we need to install a new power service to the equipment location, we next inspect the main service panel to building to determine the available power load.

After we gather this information our design team will prepare a proposal that includes cost, schedule, and our installation plan.

First, we meet with you to understand what equipment you plan to install and how it will be used.  Here are some common questions we ask so you can be prepared before we meet.

  • What equipment are you installing? We need make, model, and a specification sheet that will explain the power requirement (phase, voltage, amperage).
  • We will also ask if this equipment will run intermittently or 24\7.
  • Is the equipment manually run or unmanned?
  • Will the equipment start and stop automatically, speed up and slow down?
  • Do we need to run communication wiring between an existing PLC controller and the equipment?
  • Does the equipment require auxiliary equipment (i.e., ventilation hood) or its own lighting?
  • Does it need any safety equipment like safety light curtains or annunciator lights?

Current Group is experienced with equipment electrical sizing needs in commercial buildings, food processing, grain handling, and livestock production facilities. We create customized, accurate and cost-efficient designs that are best suited to your project.  Request a quote to learn more about our electrical design and installation services.