PLC Programming

Your automated control functions are without question one of the most important systems in your facility’s operations. As a part of your electrical automation solution, PLC programming is purpose-built to harmonize with every function in your facility, so you can rest easy knowing that your production goals are being met.

Current Group ensures that all PLC systems operate without error because of our rigorous quality assurance program. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and upgrades, providing you with the most up-to-date PLC functions so you never have to concern yourself with the possibility of your facility’s operations falling behind.

Our Solutions

An example of how we have innovated a facility’s PLC is through the use of a radar level control system, which was applied to manage silo fertilizer levels. This ensured that any monitoring would not be subject to human error while also keeping staff safe — as the initial task required staff to climb the entirety of the silo to monitor its depth. 

Our PLC solutions help you not only through automation but also by providing you with the assurance of product safety. One of our projects involved a client who worked with hazardous additives that needed to be managed in order to maintain production efficiency. In light of this, we constructed a magnetic level control system to eliminate any human error occurring on the production line, offering efficient monitoring of production substances while also providing a user-friendly control experience that could be utilized in the hands of most staff.

We recognize that automated solutions are a major part of your operations, so much so that we have put finding inventive applications for the use of PLCs at the forefront of our services. This has given us a firm foundation to work from and has provided us with the opportunity to push the limit on just what a PLC can do. Find out how we can work for you today. 

PLC Programming

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