VFD Control Panels

What Is a VFD Control Panel?

A VFD’s (variable frequency drives) function is to adjust speeds, directions, and power outputs of a motor, as required by the system the motor is connected to. This is done through a frequency conversions device. With a VFD panel, you can stop, start, speed up, or slow down the system that it is connected to, based on the system requirements. Implementing a variable frequency drive panel will not only boost the performance of your facility’s equipment and electrical system, but it will also increase energy efficiency, thereby decreasing overall power consumption and costs.

Additional Advantages of VFD’s Include:

  • They provide protection when a short circuit or overload occurs in the circuits or variable speed drives
  • The bypass feature to ensure the system continues operation in case of variable frequency drive failure
  • They ensure operator safety levels by reducing the shock hazard rate

Common Equipment that a VFD Control Panels Include:

VFD (variable frequency drive) control panel

Current Group’s Custom VFD Control Panels:

Current Group can design a VFD control system to suit your application. If you want better control and efficiency out of your process, consider installing a VFD to control the motors in your system. For instance, if your facility has machinery or equipment that is only used at certain times, or does not need to run at full speed, a VFD panel is ideal as it only uses power when needed.Reach out to Current Group and speak to our team about a Custom VFD Panel for your facility!