Electrical Automation Systems

Today’s companies continually seek new methods to refine manufacturing and production processes and increase productivity to gain an edge over their competitors. As such, electrical automation is a crucial cog in the modern mechanism of facility operations in process control, production monitoring, machine control, and more.

Industrial, manufacturing, food processing plants, and agricultural businesses call Current Group for our complete scope of electrical, controls, and electrical automation services throughout Western Canada. We provide:

Electrical Automation Systems and Services

What Are the Benefits of Electrical Automation Solutions?

Technological advances allow us to streamline workflow in a way that is quantifiable. This is particularly useful in large-scale commercial locations where efficiency can be difficult. There are many advantages to electrical automation systems:

  • Reduction in cost: Automation helps improve productivity, quality, and system performance, which in turn reduces your operating expenses.
  • Increase in productivity:  Automated electrical systems allow for continuous production.
  • Enhanced quality: Electrical automation helps eliminate human error; improving quality and performance. 
  • Precise results: Automation is based on accurate data integration and connectivity. Accurate information gives precise results and improves processes. 
  • Enhanced safety:  Automated electrical solutions allow for alerts that certain precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of everyone.  
  • Increased efficiency: Electrical automated systems are capable of performing functions that exceed the capabilities of a real person. 
  • Predictive maintenance: Automation provides continuous monitoring. You can track temperature, humidity, flow, level, pressure, vibration, time, frequency, pressure and other parameters; detecting changes that may indicate the need for maintenance and identifying issues before they become serious.  

Effectively automating processes can help companies save money by reducing labour and minimizing human error. Whether you’re looking to automate a single process or an entire facility network, Current Group provides turnkey automation solutions, built end-to-end for your service needs, all accomplished through refined HMI and PLC programming.

Speak to a Current Group representative to learn more about implementing electrical automation in your business and request a quote to get started.