Power Supply Upgrades

What are power supply upgrades?

Power supply upgrades are an assessment and repair of electrical distribution equipment to assure a reliable infrastructure that is less costly to maintain, easier to operate and offers enhanced safety to personnel.

What are the challenges of power supply upgrades?

Building managers often struggle to prioritize their maintenance and upgrade budgets. They’re challenged to minimize expenditures and equipment downtime while maximizing human safety and system reliability. The prioritization and planning of potential corrective measures must be evaluated, categorized and sequenced. The costs must be estimated in conjunction with the overall facility goals.

Power supply upgrades may involve any and/or all of the following:

Determining capacity: The ability of your electrical systems to handle the existing and/or potential increased load is reviewed. Normal power, generator backup, and UPS systems are studied.

Reviewing ratings: Existing electrical equipment fed from new higher-capacity sources may require installation of current-limiting protective devices, higher-impedance transformers or high-resistance grounding systems to minimize energy let-through, due to the older equipment’s lower fault-current ratings.

Determining equipment expansion capability: Though the ratings of your existing equipment are capable of handling additional loading, physical limitations may prevent the system from servicing new loads.

Examination of physical distribution: Voltage-drop limitations may impede your system’s expansion and require higher-voltage distribution equipment.

Checking code compliance: Older electrical systems were often installed under less stringent code requirements. Expansion and/or renovation may require updating to meet the current code requirements; generator distribution branch separations, protective device coordination updates, clearances around electrical equipment, disconnects, etc.

Power Supply Improvements

Aging facilities and new technologies constantly challenge managers regarding repair and replacement considerations. Current Group helps assess and analyze your electrical system in order to understand and efficiently meet your performance goals. We help you set priorities for upgrades and assist you in making the upgrades.