PLC Control Panels

What Is a PLC Control Panel?

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control panel contains electrical components such as relays and switches, that run factory machines or processes in single or multiple networks. They are small but powerful computers that are integrated into your control panel and are capable of tracking and analyzing any process with the information available at your fingertips. PLCs are easy to operate, and they work to boost your facility’s output while also improving energy efficiency and decreasing costs.

PLC’s are also advantageous for numerous reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • the programming can easily be changed to adjust to new facility needs, as opposed to having to switch out wiring or hardware
  • their ability to communicate with other equipment such as MCC’s, VFD’s, HMI software, and data acquisition systems
  • their high level of reliability in keeping all processes in your facility running efficiently
  • remote control – PLCs are easily connected to the internet allowing remote control by desktop or smartphone app
  • the ease of troubleshooting – Current Group offers a 24/7 maintenance service in the case any repairs or troubleshooting are needed.
PLC Control Panels

PLCs can be applied in any instance where electrical automation is implemented. For example, one of our past projects for the farming industry involved installing a climate control system in a new broiler poultry barn. Working closely with the client and the equipment manufacturer Fancom®, we installed a complete climate and feeding solution that controlled ventilation, temperature, humidity, lighting, and watering systems.

PLCs are commonly used in the following areas:

Custom PLC Control Panels

Manufacturers commonly use PLCs to control the operation of the equipment they build, and Current Group uses this off-the-shelf technology to solve our customer’s problems. But on occasion, there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution, and that’s when we program a PLC with a custom program to suit your application. If you feel that your business or facility is in need of more advanced control of the operations, an improved Human-Machine Interface (HMI) or the desire for a more cohesive, universal control of your manufacturing systems, reach out to Current Group for a No-Obligation Quote on a Custom PLC Panel!