Ventilation Automation

A ventilation automation system is a network of sensors and controllers designed to connect and automate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in a commercial building. It functions to keep a building’s climate within a specified range, maintaining indoor air quality and energy efficiency by tracking the status of related systems. 

automated ventilation

Types of Ventilation Control

  • Occupancy-based control: A vacant building needs less ventilation while a crowded building requires maximum ventilation. Sensors detect the level of occupancy in any part of your building, sending data to the controller which adjusts the ventilation as needed. 
  • Weather-based adjustment: Different levels of heating, cooling and ventilation are required for sunny, rainy, cloudy, dry, windy, snowy and/or humid days. An automated ventilation system detects and adjusts based on the weather. 

Benefits of Automated Ventilation

  • Worker Comfort: Studies have shown that a comfortable worker is a productive worker.  Workers that are too hot or too cold become distracted and their focus shifts to making themselves comfortable over doing their job.
  • Worker Safety: Poor or inadequate ventilation can pose a safety risk, especially in hazardous work environments where air quality isn’t maintained.
  • Animal Health: Proper ventilation, temperature, and humidity are critical to an animal’s health.
  • Energy savings: Sensors detect changes in real-time and toggle ventilation settings as required, drastically reducing a building’s overall energy usage. 
  • Reduced CO₂ emissions: Overconsumption of energy results in higher levels of CO₂. Automatic ventilation systems reduce energy consumption, reducing CO₂ emissions. 
  • Allowing remote control enables you to override the ventilation settings of a building from anywhere. 
  • Real-time monitoring: Automatic ventilation systems allow you to view past and current energy usage statistics enabling you to forecast future consumption. This assists with budgeting. 
  • Building Automation System Integration enables the shared usage of occupancy detection systems across lighting, security, and HVAC systems.
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Ventilation Automation Allows You To:

Current Group’s ventilation automation services:

Current Group customizes ventilation automation solutions to suit your application. We also conduct energy audits in commercial buildings and ventilation upgrades to save money on your monthly power bill. Contact Current Group to learn more about implementing electrical automation in your business and request a quote to get started.