Electrical Design and Installation

Electrical design and installation that meets your needs is crucial to ensuring that your facility’s manufacturing and production systems are able to achieve your productivity goals. With Current Group, our strategic design-build systems allow you to control and automate your electrical systems and equipment in order to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, reduce human error and provide more control.

Current Group designs, builds and installs turnkey electrical solutions that give people back their time! 

Our Solutions

These services are managed by a team of designers and technicians whose primary goal is to offer the most cost-effective and innovative design. Whether it is basic equipment upgrade and resizing needs, or something in a touch more complex, such as improvements to your power supply or a complete overhaul in your lighting conditions, we can design and manufacture equipment to necessary specifications.

Contact Current Group and speak with our team about your needs for electrical design and installation, or fill in our form for a quote.