MCC Panels

What Is an MCC Panel?

Electric motors are used in most commercial and industrial applications, driving everything from packaging and processing equipment to fans and pumps. When multiple motors are utilized, it’s important to control them all from one location. The MCC panel (motor control center) is used as the primary means for controlling various motors needed for a facility’s electrical system.

This panel contains all motor control and protection devices (MCBs, contactors, timers, relays, MCCBs, isolators, bus bar, circuit breakers, transformers, limit switches, etc.) and is generally installed in the mechanical or electrical room of a facility. MCCs are classified as either low-voltage (for controlling motors from 230V to 1000V) or high-voltage (for controlling motors from 1000V to 15kV).

What are MCC panels used for?

  • Motor starting: the slow and gradual start of motors for the purpose of protecting machinery. 
  • Operational control: maintaining operational speeds to protect the motor, machine, materials and operator. 
  • Stopping: fast emergency stops when required.
  • Reversing: carefully reversing motors when needed for industrial processing.
  • Damage prevention: of the machine(s) through necessary actions (reverse, stop, slow). 
  • Motor protection: from overcurrent, overload, low voltage, phase failure, phase reversal protection and ground fault protection.

What are the Advantages of MCCs?

Where are MCCs Used?

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