Helping Agricultural Facilities Grow with Automated Electrical Systems
Efficient Electrical Automation for Food & Beverage Processing Plants
Powerful Electrical Systems for Reliable Equipment Manufacturing
Electrical Design for Industrial Production & Manufacturing
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Industrial Electrical Design, Installation, Maintenance and Automation

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How We Help Our Clients

Electrical Design & Installation

Use Our Electrical Design & Installation Services to Turn Your Ideas into Reality

Whether it is basic equipment upgrade and resizing needs, or something in a touch more complex, such as improvements to your power supply or a complete overhaul in your lighting conditions, we can design and manufacture equipment to necessary specifications.

Electrical Automation Solutions

Save Costs, Time and Power with Fully Automated Electrical Systems.

Industrial, manufacturing, food processing plants, and agricultural businesses call Current Group for our complete scope of electrical, controls and automation throughout Western Canada.

Custom Control & Electrical Panels

Custom Designed Electrical Panels

Current Group designs and installs PLC control panels, VFD panels, MCC panels, and more. Integrating a control panel custom to your needs and automated processes ensures that your facility runs smoothly and maintains productivity.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance Saves You Time, Costs and Downtime.

Whether it is a problem that requires a more standard fix, such as the repair or wholesale replacement of faulty equipment, basic troubleshooting and repair tips, or it is regular preventative maintenance, Current Group is ready to work with you.

About Current Group

Current Group is an electrical automation company focusing on electrical design, installation, automation, and maintenance services to the agricultural, industrial, and food & beverage industries in Western Canada.

Current Group was started in 2010 by BJ Baerg, who wanted to create an electrical service company to serve the needs of Linden Alberta and the surrounding area. The company is deeply rooted in the heart of agriculture country, serving family farms and local businesses alike. When servicing these customers, BJ and his team saw multiple opportunities to save power costs and improve the efficiency of farm operations by adding simple automation systems. This reputation quickly grew to other manufacturing and industrial customers in central Alberta, and the company soon became the “go-to” electrical service company.


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