The Major Benefits of Electrical Automation

Nearly one-third of all major businesses have automated at least one function in 2021. As more and more companies are looking to optimize their operations, automation becomes that much more crucial. But what does electrical automation mean for businesses that use it? What are its benefits and how does electrical automation really work? That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about electrical automation and its benefits. 

How Electrical Automation Works

Electrical automation works through a wireless connection that lets users control electrical systems from practically any location. Companies get full individualized control over specific aspects of their operations. This includes lighting, controlling temperatures, handling shades, and even specific appliances. Automation is a unique solution for companies that struggle with the cost of energy and maintenance. Many people tout electrical automation’s ability to save them energy and costs, but there are plenty of other benefits out there.

Line Loss Reduction

A substation is crucial for any electrical distribution system, as are all the electrical equipment and other components associated with the system. To remain a reliable system, those parts need to work in tandem. As such, a volt regulation controller, or VAR control, is crucial to control all the voltage devices. VAR controls can be automatically monitored, which means fewer line loss reductions and increased efficiency. 

Quality Of Power

Electrical automation helps you improve customer satisfaction by increasing the overall quality of power. This is done by using mitigation equipment along with distribution feeders. In other words, you can monitor and detect any power quality problems as they arise. Doing so means faster overall reactions and improved overall service. 

Energy Use Optimization

Benefits such as real-time monitoring no doubt help your electrical systems be much more efficient. It also means you can perform power consumption calculations that reduce overall demand charges.  Electrical automation systems allow you to give first-hand information to users through algorithms that optimize power utility. This means customers get up-to-date information at all times.

Economic Efficiency

Gone are the days of inefficient planning and inaccurate engineering decisions. With electrical automation services, you work more closely with your distribution networks, allowing for greater collaboration. Compared to conventional systems, getting accurate and timely data on your distribution networks is much faster. As such, things like preventative maintenance and proper engineering can be employed. 


Greater accuracy and more abundant data mean faster service, which leads to greater customer satisfaction. It’s no secret that companies that use electrical automation are known to have better power quality than others. This leads to greater reliability for your customers and your staff. Leveraging electrical automation services means your company gets to work with timely and accurate info while your customers get the best power available. 

Electrical Automation That’s Right For You

Those looking to make their electrical distribution systems more efficient and contemporary should look into electrical automation. Use this guide to help you understand its benefits and why they’re crucial for companies in 2022.

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