Eston Colony Layer Barn

The Problem

The Eston Hutterite Colony is located near Kindersley Saskatchewan.  The Colony is a mixed farming operation with a large egg production operation and has produced eggs for the Saskatchewan market.  

To keep up with the increasing egg consumption market, they decided in 2020 to expand and build a new chicken layer barn with a state-of-the-art 26,600-square-foot egg production facility.

The Colony had the following requirements for their new layer barn:

  • Create the best environment for the laying hens
  • Advanced barn climate monitoring and control
  • Automated egg-handling systems
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Automated manure handling systems
  • Select experienced solutions providers to design and build the new egg production facility.
Eston Hutterite Colony Farm

The Solution

The Fairville Colony selected Kaiser Ag Solution’s “Kaiser Poultry System” for their new 26,000-bird egg layer production facility.  They chose the Maximus Poultry House Controller to automate, monitor and adjust the poultry, egg-handling, and building climate control equipment to meet the Colony’s automation requirement.  The Maximus PLC controller monitors and controls the following parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ventilation
  • CO2
  • NH3
  • Lights
  • Water
  • Feeding
  • Power management
Kaiser Poultry System

The Services Provided

Kaiser Ag recommended Current Group to the Eston Colony for a price to design, procure, and install the control and power systems.  Our design responsibilities included:

  • Designed the main power supply to the facility
  • Created wiring schematic drawings for power distribution and equipment control
  • Electrical layout drawings
  • Designed and built the MCC panel (Motor Control Center).
  • Designed and built the VFD panel, including Siemens Sirius soft starts 
  • Design and built the PLC panel to house the Maximus Poultry House Controller
  • Installed power and control cables from the panels to the end devices
  • Electrical certification to a CSA equivalent SPE-1000
Eston Colony Chickens

We were also responsible for integrating the Kaiser Poultry Equipment and Maximus Poultry House Controller with all the end devices in the facility, which included:

  • DOL intelligent climate sensors (temperature, humidity, light, CO2 and NH3).
  • DACS Corna inlet ventilation fans
  • DACS MAGFAN-One exhaust ventilation fans and fresh air ventilation louvres,
  • Building LED and poultry nest lights
  • Poultry freshwater nipple drinking monitors
  • Poultry feeding system
  • Lubing egg handling belt conveyor
  • Graetz Manure handling conveyors

Why Choose Current Group

Current Group has a long history working with Hutterite Colonies in Alberta and Saskatchewan as an integrator of advanced agriculture production systems.  Current Group is also a trusted electrical contractor chosen by agriculture solution providers like Kaiser Ag Solutions.  They choose Current Group because of our experience in the agriculture industry, transparent cost reporting, and honest scheduling.  During the project’s design and implementation phases, we are always looking for ideas to make the installation easy to operate and maintain while selecting cost-effective electrical equipment and materials.

Are you planning to expand or upgrade your egg layer operation?  Why not give us a call to discuss options and ideas to increase productivity.