Eston Colony Layer Barn

The Problem The Eston Hutterite Colony is located near Kindersley Saskatchewan.  The Colony is a mixed farming operation with a large egg production operation and has produced eggs for the Saskatchewan market. To keep up with the increasing egg consumption market, they decided in 2020 to expand and build a new chicken layer barn with […]

Mining Water Sampling Trailer

The Problem As part of their development agreement, mining companies must monitor below-ground aquifers during the project’s life.  Energy regulators like the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) require mining companies to install groundwater monitoring wells and regularly collect water samples from aquifers adjacent to their development to test for contaminants. Some water wells can be up […]

California Water Well for Irrigation

The Problem Well Industries Inc. drills high-volume water wells to supply central and northern California agriculture operations.  Some wells are 1000 feet deep and use large electric submersible pumps (ESPs).  These multi-stage centrifugal pumps require 500 to 700 horsepower (HP) motors and supply between 1000 to 4000 gallons per minute of water. Their biggest problem […]

Food Processing Emergency Shutdown System

Workers in Food Processing Factory

A Calgary food processing company specializing in making snacks foods by blending nuts, dried fruits, and other ingredients in each of their eight production lines. Each one of these production lines comprise of multiple machines like bucket elevators, conveyor belts, mixing tubs, oven rotisseries, etc. all running simultaneously with people working alongside of each of […]

Mountain View Seed Cleaning Plant

Current Group works to make companies in the agriculture industry safer and more efficient by upgrading dated control systems and outdated equipment. Our client now saves time, money and manpower with an improved monitoring system in their seed cleaning plant. The Problem Mountain View Seed Cleaning Plant removes weed seed, foreign material, and other contaminants from […]

Safety Cable System Design & Installation

A client in the agriculture industry reached out to Current Group to contact our industrial electrical design and installation services in order to improve a conveyor maintenance safety process. This involved putting together a safety relay cable disconnect system, always in easy reach. The Problem An agriculture fertilizer blending plant has numerous long conveyors at […]

Meat Mixing Food Production Engineering

The meat mixing machine used by Soleterra D'Italia. Current Group serviced the machine as part of our food production engineering and mechanical repair services.

The industrial electrical team at Current Group are experts providing food production engineering services. We have helped numerous food processing facilities put together mechanical and automated solutions and offer electrical repair for their existing equipment. The Problem Meat processing facilities use several different types of machines to produce the food that we eat. When these […]

Sulphur Storage Radar Level Sensors System

Current Group works to make companies safer and more efficient in the agriculture industry by designing and installing radar level sensors in storage bins. Through our modernized electrical automation system, our client is now able to save time and manpower in their daily operations when monitoring sulphur storage levels. Read on to learn more about […]

The Major Benefits of Electrical Automation

Nearly one-third of all major businesses have automated at least one function in 2021. As more and more companies are looking to optimize their operations, automation becomes that much more crucial. But what does electrical automation mean for businesses that use it? What are its benefits and how does electrical automation really work? That’s what […]